Judgements are casted upon us without consideration to what we've been through. Assumptions truly make asses out of people . 

She makes pitiful choices in regards to the men her life. Nobody knows she watched her mom get beaten by her father and once she was freed from those shackles only met another master who'd treat her the same.

Blinded by love she believed those lies, "I'll never hurt you again" he says only later to give her two black eyes. 

Love doesn't make you hurt, but the dangers of one told story could ruin a little girls perception of love. 

So now what does she do. She was conditioned to believe love hurts, love can't be existent if she's not crying every other day with the first aid kit and wet rag over the sink staring at her own reflection asking what did i do this time. That's the only love she knows.  

So with this idea she goes to find the exact replica of the man whom her mother alwaysloved more than she. The man her mother loved so much that she'd put him before her own child. 

Its a travesty how history reapeats itself time and time again. 

But nobody knows it.

They see this beautiful black women who has the potential to be so great. Only, she's being held back by this parasite that can only destroy her. He damages her heart, her soul, her pride and esteem. What the world sees as madness, chaos, and idiotic she's only ever known as love.



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