Noble Pursuit

There's nobility in a lost cause,

Lost at sea with no raft, no way out,

But fighting the waves without a second pause.

Wind gushes all about, wood's groaning like a pig snout.

But there's a lost cause, they say, and we're all still fighting.

Fighting for glory, for death, for treason

Against the people who trespass against my sisters and brothers.

Treason, they say, as they hold a Bible instead of a Constitution,

With ears turned deaf from a dispution.

There's a lost cause when you keep fighting and there's no more breath,

But the waves keep crashing and keep going.

It's when it's no longer a lost cause but a test.

A test of everything you got before you lose your mind,

Because let's face it, you'll lose your mind and the time

Like a kid looking for a penny on the tracks he swore he'd bring back.

But soon the waves go away and the sun comes back,

And you look at all that is what's left.

It'll dawn on you, sure as it can be,

It wasn't a lost cause, it was a the kingdom not wanting to give you a key.

They just sait it was to discriminate, to lessen you, to burden you,

But soon, they'll know you didn't buckle too.

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Our world
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