No You No Me


Is all that I hear myself Scream

If I never had them I would never believe

in something that is beyond me

I couldn’t accomplish a single thing if I could not dream

My brain live streams my ideas and makes me see

Things that other individuals would never even conceive

My dreams help me determine my individuality

Can’t you feel it in the way that I speak

Dreams motivate and help me to be supreme

I may be a wanderer a bit quirky

But one thing for sure is I am someone who sees

beyond the ordinary

I don’t need anyone to follow me or justify my beliefs

Because I have absolute faith in me

I feel like I have everything

But one thing for sure is

I would be absolutely empty

If I could never dream

For, Anything that I dream

is capable of becoming a reality

Awake or Asleep

Without a dream

who would I be

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