No Words

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 02:22 -- Green's
I often sit on the couch and contemplate all wrong I have done,
and wonder how I can change the man I've become,
but still I feel like one of the only ones, who gives a dam what goes on,
and I yet try everyday to turn you into one,
I realise now that my efforts are all in good heart,
and while that's nice,
i learned fast that's a bad place to start,
you see I believe we all have the ability to care,
to put some pride in our lives and some love in the air,
but your scared and I see why,
to me it has always been clear,
its because what people don't understand they will constantly fear,
and as long we push aside our truths,
and abandon our faiths,
we will always be stuck in fear of our future state,
but it is hard to know what believe in,
with the media as our number one demon,
but my minds set on the solution,
a bloodless revolution!
I invite you to rise, take a step towards your demise,
for coming together is the key and the prize,
i hope one day we can live simply,
and for that most people call me hippy,
because i dream of holding hands, making smiles, getting tipsy,
but you frown upon weirdos,
or what you don't understand,
so I'll stare out my window,
watching the birds,
and sit on the couch,
with no words.


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