No Woman No Cry

Yeah, you could've fooled me with that one 

You don't know my cries, My pain and my oppression

I want to be intelectual but they tell im incapable because I'm a woman

They say be pretty and fix me a sandwhich dear like that's all I was meant to be or Were Pregnant and wanting me to be submissive. 

Honey you don't know my cries, you got it easy the guys over here telling me I ain't good enough like they deserve more than me then crossing their fingers behind their backs saying were equal.

Telling me it's  a man's world and I'm only a pawn . Yeah we right songs about treating our woman good and constantly decirbe a perfect relationship but yet something not adding up. 

You don't know my cries. I'm sold from men to men. Like all I'm good for is sex,. No one ever asked me how i felt or what I wanted they assumed I was better off 

Yeah No Woman no Cry.. I doubt it 


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