No Tv for Me

Point your gun at me, you think I'll say nothing, you wait and see

Organized a felony , you’ve just gotten the best of me

Lie to the world and the truth will come out, you are Caucasians without a doubt

Isolate us then kill us all . The world will once again tremble and fall

Can your fellow Klan help you out?

We have got you surrounded we are an army now

Everyone will watch and see how your gun has been the death of me


Kept all secrets

Locked and loaded

Some say misery loves the devoted

Men of passion fuel the drought

No one wants the truth to come out

One dies, two dies, three or four

Peace and justice we want no more

Quit your fuss we will kill you now

Run go ahead this lead will catch, pow!

Silence comes upon the ground

Tune in to see what went down

Unfortunately no one was around

Victory has no sound 

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My community
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