No Tears, No Fears by Michelle Pina

“No Tears, No Fears”

by Michelle Pina


What to be somebody in life? Then don’t be violent.

No guns or knives.

Chase that dream as far as it goes.

Enjoy life the highs and the lows.


If your dream is to fight crime or save lifes

Then go for it

Even if it to take drives you put your mind into it

You can achieve anything you want to do

Just remember “NO tears, No fears”


If you want a good job

Then work for it

No matter what get’s in your way

get good grades to do good in life

 and get to a good high school and college.



I like you poem Michelle Pina


its awesome


Rafaela Michelle Pina

Dont comment on my poem okay bye.


lame or nahh 


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