Thought: No strings attached


If you want a friend?

Say so,

And I'm there for you,

But what is too much?

Do we over step boundaries when we talk about life, 


And aspirations,

Or is it when you curl up next to me..


Are you comforted by my embrace,

Or comforted by our conversation in which when you ask if you can tell me something,

I reply,



I'm a little slow on the uptake so forgive me if I don't always get the message, 

But once I do, 

You no longer have to press "send"..

I always said I kind of take things too far..


So I keep trying,


So I keep prying,



I tend to think it will all work out but,

I'm lying..


Which is worse,

Being naive,

Or false belief?..

I guess taking things too far entails me doing too much,

I'm kind of an all or nothing kind of guy when it comes to someone I'm interested in so,

Forgive me if I'm always there,

Or I never show up..

I try to do more because I don't want you to ever question if I'm ever enough,

But if I'm doing too much,

Maybe enough is enough..

Relationships without strings are like flowers without roots,

And last just as long,

Relationships with no strings attached isn't  my style,


A style for some,

But not I,

And maybe I'm a little outdated, 

But I guess I have an old soul,

In which I think young love together should actually GROW old,


I want all the strings,

Connected as we would be,

By these "strings",

If you're hurt?

I'll feel it too,

If you're struggling?

We'll struggle together and push through,

You won't have to worry about me with other women,

All my strings are attached to you,

And what beautiful music these strings would make,

Like a guitar or harp,

And I feel like we don't always know how GOOD something is,

But there is always a start to it,

And you know what they say about "good" things..

It's not always bad,

But there is always and end to it

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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