No Soapbox For Me (Just Poetry)

No soap box for me just poetry.
I'm not preaching I'm thinking out loud.
I'm standing my ground.
Instead of hiding.
Tried to unite but people's hate for me.
Makes me divide myself from adversaries.
No questionnaires no asking why I'm just that guy.
As I said diversity can be negative or positive.
Wish it could be positive all around.
But bravados got planet earth in a chokehold.
Everyone wants to be the best and won't give a woot.
If the rest is lethargic in need for rest.
If I'm correct if you thrive for respect.
Why not help the man who's next in line?
Don't lie you spineless snake if I'm going to get ahead.
I'm going to give away knowledge.
Not spiteful ridicule that's toxic.
Chemistry is the key to success stories.
This not me on a soap box just me with my poetry.


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