No Shame

I am.

But I cannot be.
I try,
But I won’t say sorry.
They yell,
I sit back and take the beatings,
Forever hoping they will see things
How I see them.
One day.
Some day.
They say my eyes
Deceive me,
That I cannot see
What my heart is doing to me.
As they believe, 
I am blind to their world,
Their life,
And I’ve been through more than they ever have,
Yet they deny me the chance to truly love.
I am not quick to give it up,
I do not lose control so fast,
Still they perceive that I have lost it,
To a world too different from theirs.
I try.
I try.
But silence speaks the loudest
In the minds of those ignored. 
Have I been to quiet in my demands 
For an open ear?
But if actions speak louder than words,
I think I’ve made my point.
I am strong,
I am independent,
I am a woman,
But I cannot be ashamed for what my heart is doing to me,
Because that would mean,
I’m sorry.



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