No Room

Fri, 07/17/2015 - 00:53 -- Iscarus
Elephant in the room left swinging
Like a pendulum, hope the rope does its thing and,
(We know how to tie ties,)
(But not how to untie nooses.)
Ivory still has its worth somewhere. 
Just not sure if it's worth it where some...
Things never change, jungle book dreams,
Where it seems these lions lying, 
Like this is spoken word, but it's only spoken word if
The words I spoke weren't soaked with cliches, 
And if words didn't matter like,
He says and she says.
There's no space for metaphors, 
And no room for similes in these smiles.
I want you to close your eyes. 
Envision a sight of 6pm text message read...
"It's for the best..."
As if we know better.
We beasts of instinct  
Believing in what we think, 
To be best but we don't know better, 
These jungle book dreams.
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