No Prosperity, No Greatness, No Faith. No Life.

I can't live without one purpose

A purpose that beats my heart 

Like a shell protecting a tortoise 

This purpose pushes me in a cart filled with


It wheels my whole life into perspective 

I know that life shall not end with failure

But it begins with one omniescent objective

To sail the seven seas with the soul of a sailor on the cusp of


Prosperity and Greatness are two ideals

That are constituents of this grand ordeal

We can carelessly choose to skip our meals

That the great cook concocted for the ones who kneel on the rocks of


Prosperity is the inclination to Greatness

But both are doomed if Faith is dead.

Faith in ourselves and Faith in love.

Are the two ideals that will keep us in arm's length of the Kingdom of Above.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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