No Ordinary Love

Sat, 03/17/2018 - 13:00 -- RenaZen

Taken as a passing wind. 

You suspected infidelity, and you suspected grief. 

You suspected destruction before anything began. 

See... I knew you were broken, but something so beautiful about the ability to restructure on a foundation so strong. 

The foundation so torn and distorted, like the land before Noah. 

Pictures of smiles, but your actions; your actions lay bleak even still. 

Tears only adding to the floods built in the storm you cause around you. 

This force I have towards you is liberation in the storm that you drew. 

Foundations on wetlands sink because of the grounding given. 

See they didnt have the correct materials to build a worthy fortress on your land. 

They didnt have the drive to push through this storm, not knowing it would only last for a time. 

Let the sun rise on this storm to that, that was. 

I continuously beckon for change and I know one day you will allow the sun to shine.

For this is no ordinary love. 

Let what is, become what was, and allow me to hold this as true. 

Grasp ahold of THIS love, because it shines only for you.

Stand with me on the new ground. 

Create with me. 

Develop with me. 

What is love but a mastered gift of support. 

Let God renew the land we stand firm while we create the foundations. 

Let this be for you..... No ordinary love. 

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