No One Speaks

No One Speaks


No one speaks anymore. It’s hard to breathe. 

Plastic hands wrapped around our necks,

As if we could get enough air without being tied.


No one speaks of the grass, as brown and ominous as 

the sky.

No one speaks of the ocean, as gray as our skyscrapers

and as dull as our minds. 


It’s hard to think with the pollution in the air.

It clouds the thoughts of the past, of what used to be.


Clouds… we don’t have those anymore.

Nobody speaks of animals… we don’t see those anymore.

They left, with the colors and oxygen and those that

Wanted to escape.


They said they wanted to expand. 

We looked to the stars for hope, but even they don’t

Shine as bright as they used to.

No one speaks about the void that begins to 

Look more artificial by the day.


Not to mention the void in our stomachs. 

There’s nothing to eat, nothing to drink.

Chemicals and toxins and smoke turn our bodies into

Graveyards of materials that cannot be digested.


We ask them to help, but no one speaks.

No one is there.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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