No One Knows

I haven't forgotten the girl whose name no one knew.

She never let herself be

The person people didn't see,

But she never was reason for rumors either.

She only did what made her content.

Her young moments never counted.


Then she grew. Little did she know,

She grew into someone people pretended they knew.

She moved through the school halls,

One particle in a pool of poignant people,

Lost in her head again,

Cloaked in black clothes

That somehow never seemed sad.


She moved on from grey walls,

poker-faced pencil pushers, crowded halls.

Sassy sarcasm that's spoken so serious.

She moved on from solemn nights of studying

And sickly sour so so early sunrises.

She moved on to smiles in the parking lot

2 am talking just to talk

And to know.

And to see.

And to live.


She lives.

Slowly she learned to live.

To exist.

She admired people who secretly admired her

She shared her love openly.

Sharing her smile

With people who stared for a while

But she didn't know

She was loved in return.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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