No one knows

I always hid myself in the dark, Crying, Wondering when it will end, The negativity I face when I'm home, Alone, with the wicked witch of the east. Scared to admit the truth to my Papa, I pretend that everything is fine, When really, It's not. I blame myself for protecting her, When I should protect myself. The only one who knows is my teddy bear, He lets me cry my tears on his small shoulder While the mess becomes worse. My eyes become red, And my blood begins to run cold, The witch is back with a smirk on her face. I begin to violently shake as she screams at me for everything I've done, Calls me names, And walks away like it doesn't hurt, Like I'm a lost dog in a maze. I am forever alone, And no one will know, The horrible truth I faced.

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My family
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