No, Not Everyone

When I look at the classes,

I can do nothing but be saddened.

All these troubled souls and those where anything they could ever want is handed

to them...


Not everyone is happy-go-lucky

With no problems left in sight.

Some are great magicians and actors

who can make their pain vanish or cover it with a mask.


Not everyone is hurt by what others say

but that does not mean they will sit calmly while you curse their name

No, they will sit there and take your blows at first

but then they will explode!


Not everyone is rich and beautiful with no cares in the world

you don't work for your money

all you have to do is pout or cry and mommy and daddy's got you

but that doesn't make those who can't any less worthy


Not everyone has to work through blood sweat and tears

but that doesn't make your life any less valueable

Don't get blnded by materialitic things

Life isn't what it seems


Our generation needs to stop worrying about the next person

But about what He has next for us

God created us equal in His image

But not everyone can't see that, No not everyone #ToBeHeard

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