No More Love


No more love in my system

I've completely lost myself

Earning the loss like an emblem 

Only I could bring upon the pain

Oh darling don't you know I'm insane


When you and I have met

Our time was different 

No close attraction for one another

I know that someday we'll end our envy

How we act is no relationship

Only love can be deciding for us


The time and year has ended 

No more apologies or regrets

Just the truth between us with anger

Anger and wrath has broken us

But you've suddenly had lust for me


You were my pride in my life

Seeing you was the end of my sloth

I wanted nothing to do with greed

Only you could keep me alive

But you worried me with gluttony 

Not eating with me on the screen 

Only you broke me into pieces

But darling I have no more love




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