"No More Blood"


Life kind of sucks, I wish I could give zero fucks.

Really none to give, why do I even choose to live.


Forget what I'll leave behind, if only you could see what's on my mind.

It's so dark in there it's true, not quite black but so blue.


I'm not depressed although saddened, about this world that keeps me maddened.

No light at the end of the tunnel, a forever thinning funnel.


Change is what we need, no violence and no one to bleed.

I'm losing faith in humanity, as well as everyone's sanity.


What the media has made, we are terribly afraid.

All we see now is rage, like a monster un-caged.


But we've got it all wrong, it's not the police or King-Kong.

Not the man on the street, who can barely stand on his two feet.


Love is what we need, no more blood and no greed.

Love from you and to me, it's what we need and it's free.


I am human as are you, it's time to help each other through.

You see this world is so evil, let's not be so deceitful.







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I hope that anyone who reads this can relate to how I'm feeling with the way things are currently in our world, our media, let alone in our back yards.

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