No More

Words from years ago
echo just as loud now.
You're not good enough.
You shouldn't even try.
You are a failure. 
Sticks and stones break bones.
Words break worlds
All my life my way
was chosen for me.
I was on a leash made of wire
yanked back when I tried
to break free to my own path.
I let others dictate
ruin my goals
replace my hopes
change my dreams
reject my opinions
No more.


A teacher tells her student
that she can't do it.
A father tell his daughter
he doesn't care to help.
A man ignores a woman's choice
to not have sex.
A trapped little girl screams
to grow up outside her 
suffocating box.
She's forced to live confinded
by her fears and hopelessness
as the world drags her along
only to throw her into the abyss.
My dreams.
My goals.
My choice.
My body.

No more.


I'm taking hold of my life.
I've told everyone who ever
thought they could bring me down
they were wrong.
They were always wrong.
I'm scream for my demons
to stay silent,
to stop reminding me of mistakes
of pain
of my past
so I can find out WHO I AM.
The little girl that cries,
the little girl that is me,
and I am the only one left
that will care for her.
I have dried her tears,
my tears.
I stand her up on wobbling legs,
my legs.
I tell her to keep her chin up,
my chin.
I whisper to her that she can do this,
I can do this.
I am back in control
of my dreams,
my goals,
my choices, 
my body, 
my future,
my destiny.

They belong to me
only me.
No more
will I let them tell me otherwise.


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