No means No

Can I borrow a pencil?


Can I "borrow" a sheet of paper?


Can I see your homework?


Day after day it was the same people who asked.

It was as if I was the only one with the supplies

Telling me they would bring them back, which was nothing but lies.

I just blindly assisted them with their needs. 

Sometimes I did get my pencils back,

But I could always point out a crack. 

I tried to cut it off once.

Motivation to speak up came to me,

But not giving up my supplies apparently turned me into the bully. 

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. 

I am a hard worker who does not like people to copy

My soft side took over everytime, allowing others to do so freely. 

Enough was enough.

The questions kept coming, so I reached deep down

For two letters that needed to be found. 

That was not too bad. 

That small word came to light

It gave me confidence and initially giving me fright. 

I had to stand up for myself. 

From that day on I said it politley

Letting everyone know that they were not going to get by me.

I had a change.

I made a conscience effort to not be uptight

While also making it clear that taking advatage of me would not be alright. 

Knowledge is power. 

Now I can look back knowing I did right

Learning to say no and standing up for myself is an essential key to life. 





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