No Matter The Kind

Viewing the world from four legs high, seeing you watch me as I crawl by. Needing a hand, and a home to stay warm, looking for someone who cares without scorn. Playfully and loving I know I can be, please take heed and see we need. A furry friend, a family pet- any animal or putty tat. We are the lonely and left behind, the cold and hunger is so unkind. Caring for animals no matter the kind, will surely keep us around though out all time. So care and help all of us who are furry. I see the world without pain and confusion. A child from divorce and utter delusion, a home without dad but a brother I did have. A mommy who showed me how not to act bad. Complete with my blankey and sucky I would go to visit my daddy for only so so. Growing up I did, my brother and me two peas in a pod, or up in a tree. Not always having the best their was, but a mommy, each other for three we was. No matter the kind I care for all- the lonely, the small and even the tall. For as I grow up- and have I did I still see the world just a less kid. So not being furry I do now know that all of God's creatures will surely grow. So take the time to listen for us the ones that crawl or ones that fuss. Seeing the world is not enough, unless you fill it with all of your stuff.

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