No Longer Mine


Another day passes by-

Another day without you by my side.

I wish the days possessed more time.

And now, you’re no longer mine.


Why, oh why?

I cry.

Why did you lie?

They say our lies haunt us.

But I’d rather be lied to by you.

Then to know, our love is doomed.


Our memories are now goodbyes.

My mind has let you go.

So, why does my heart say no?


We struggled for months on end.

But you committed a terrible sin.

A sin unforgiveable.

And now, you will be unforgettable.


I wish we still had time.

So maybe, I could forgive your crime.

Though our love wasn’t perfect,

I still will be waiting for you to resurface.



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Those hearts are always united, don't worry, they love you, love conquers all.

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