No longer mine.

There was a time when you were mine,

A time when I didn’t listen to the words entangled in the grape vine. 

Then I realized they were right, 

Your kind of crazy is out of sight. 


You actually made me believe that you loved me,

Held me and told me that you’d never leave me lonely.

Was it all a lie?

Did you mean to make me cry?


Or was it just happenstance?

Was I merely a victim of circumstance?

I never stood a chance.

I was yours at first glance. 


Let me tell you something, I’m not longer under your thumb.

You made me feel dumb.

I should have never trusted you.

You’ve disappeared like the morning dew. 


I’m left to deal with the wreckage.

You tried to make me a percentage.

But I’m done hurting.

It’s time for me to start asserting.

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