No Longer A Child

You walked out the door, packed your things,Only a kid, with the weight of familyNow on my shoulders.My duty was too strong and my love too greatTo leave them alone and not give everything.Then, mom became sick and I had no idea what to do,I tried my best but I was sixteen.Three years that you were gone, and I didn’t miss you a bitThankful your abuse left with you.I helped raise my sister and took care of my mother.There were days when I would go to bed and cry myself to sleepBecause I felt I didn’t do enough. Money ran short and taking care of my familyWas more important than anything.I graduated and dedicated my life to them.We moved and I got my first job,Trying to find my way but being my family’s only source of income.A hope and a dream to further my education became my last priorityBecause they were my first.Then finally an angel came and helped us,Guided and took us under their wing.The weight of carrying everything was lifted temporarily.I was able to regroup.Finally consider a better future for myself and my family.I always think back to the day that you walked out though.The day where my sister was in tears and broken as she screamed for you.The day I know she asked where you were going.The day your heartless reply of, “I’m leaving,” was forever seared into her mind.The day where my mother had a plate and barstool thrown at her.The days you blamed me for everything and punished me for nothing.You left though. After years of hell, you finally left.That was the day when I knew, I was no longer a child.

This poem is about: 
My family


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