No Goodbye

The pain of waking up everyday

With the same face staring you in the eyes

The same dead glaze that says

There’s no hope in fighting the pain that lies

And you know deep down

That it could all be over in a blink of an eye

If you swallow those pills down

And say your final goodbyes

Or maybe grab that 49

And let your brain splatter

A question too often ask

Do I even matter?

Will they know the facts

If my life was shattered

Truth be told

We are all one soul

The selfishness you show in taking your life

Is the pain you implant in someone else’s life

Your pain won’t last for too long

You just gotta hold on and stay strong

There’s a hand reaching

Don’t let it pass you bye

When the time gets tough

It’s okay to cry

Let the pain rush through your tears

Don’t even ask yourself why

It’s just a phase in this life that you fear

But just don’t let this be your final goodbye


This poem is about: 
Our world


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