No Games

Don’t come around here and act like nothing happened.

Don’t act like you didn’t break me.

Like you didn’t poke and prod until there was nothing but fragments of what was.

I was ridiculed and teased and hurt and you didn’t give a fuck.

I tore myself apart from the inside out.

The hurt, the pain, the self-deprecation, and what did you do?

You turned the other cheek and said I was being an “attention whore”.

Life touched me. Life defiled me. Life broke me!

And you acted like I fucking made it up!

You treated me like I was the reason you were so miserable in life.

I didn't ask for you to give me life.

I didn’t ask to be a burden brought upon our family and upon this world.


But yet, here I am.

And I’m better than ever.

Though I’ll never be the same as I once was, I don’t think I would ever want to.

That “happy” little girl was stupid and naïve.

She didn’t know the meaning of true happiness

And she couldn’t tell the difference between good and evil.

That little girl is dead and she will never return.

Instead, she has been replaced by me.

I’m smarter than her.

I can tell the difference between good and evil and I know that there are those who are in between.

I may be broken, but I am also stronger because of those that have hurt me and let me be hurt.

And don’t think, for one second, that you’re excluded from that.


So now you want to come back into my life

And act as if all those years never happened?

You want to pretend that I wasn’t a broken, sad, and lonely little girl that only thought about dying because I didn’t belong?

Well this is the real world,

And the shit that you let me go through may be over, but the memories are still there.

The pain won’t ever dissipate and i will forever be scarred by that.

I won’t let you hurt me anymore though.

I told you that I’m stronger and that means I’m strong enough to know that you need to leave.

You don’t get to play anymore games with me. I'm not your puppet.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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