No Filter Scholarship Slam


United States


The right lighting,

the perfect filter,

the fake, pageant smile or duck face,

the anxious wait of the likes to appear.


We are a society that determines beauty on the amount of strangers who double tap our square selfie.

I say, “no more.”

The authenticity of the relaxed smile, the quick snap of a contagious laugh, the Codiac crinkles forming by the corners of the eyes-- indicating pure happiness.

Not the dead windows of the soul portraying the real form of sadness-- a fake happiness.

Only posting the picture for the Instagram challenge ranging from yearning to be someone’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” or our own “Selfie Sunday.”

I say “no more.”

The rules of social media should not control when we post a picture.

I say “no more.”

The most beautiful picture is the candid selfies.

Where loved one captures your gaze out of the window,


your loud, joyful giggles,


your off-guard stare while observing a beautiful view-- whether it is of a sunset or just admiring the simplicity of the world.

I say, “no more.”

Why as a society we have the preconceived idea that we are only beautiful when we add the shade of colors to mask our imperfections.


Imperfection is spelt “I’m perfection.”


No more should I let the curtain of altering images or the fear of not getting enough “likes” from creepy strangers and admirers make us feel ugly.

No more will I let society force me to change my appearance.

No more will I let the people of this imperfect society judge me on my flaws.


No more will I let others tell me I am not beautiful.


No more should society tell others that they are not perfect with their caption reading


For the most beautiful pictures are the untouched, virgin pixels-- embracing their pureness with


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Our world


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