#No-filter-Nikki B.


#lovely #me with no filter who can you see?

you see a shy quiet girl with a big personality

with no filter who am I?

I'm extraoridinary.

You see a smile that doesn't reach my eyes

a dark past that should be changed 

an unrequitted love, but adoration for my friends

someone trapped inside myself.

Lost inside the depths of my own mind

one who used to be hidden by the cuts and the pills

covered my body with long sleeves and jeans,

no matter where I went

the tears run down my face 

pouring from my eyes, like a blade sliding across a vein

you'd see a girl who hid behind make-up and lies.....

With no filter i am the present

what do you see?

Now you see a bold girl

one who isnt afraid to speak her mind

To stand up for the ones who were just like her

 broken and abused

a girl who writes her troubles, fears, and sadness on a peice of paper

rather then taking a blade to her skin

a girl who'd rather pop candy then pills

one who knows

she's not perfect

but tries her best

I am a filter

and the filter is called truth.

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