No Filter

I am a bitch
So that's what you call me
While you stand there in your wrongdoing
Forgiven by the very person you're tearing down

I am depressed
So that's what they said
Making excuses for the sleepless nights
When I admit I'm just too tired to sleep

I am a feminist
So that's why they fear me
Because I'm not afraid to stand up for my rights as a woman
But people today have learned the wrong definition

I am beautiful
So that's what I believe
Despite being curvier than most
Despite what society defines as "perfect" which isn't found on the cover of some fashion magazine

I am human
So that's what it's called
When I continually make mistakes, doing more harm than good most days
And still am granted forgiveness from a God whose forgiveness I don't deserve

I need no filter
Because I stand here today before you
In full understanding that I am me.
Despite what everyone else believes
Because at the end of the day, I have no one to impress
But myself.

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