No Filter


Parents view me as the "outgoing, polite and confident" young woman they wish their child would aspire to be.
My friends view me as the outgoing, loud, playful and daring type. I am not the introvert of the group and I will make things happen if that is what I so desire. They know not to step in my way unless they want to be trampled.
My parents view me as the silly type. They view me as a hardworker and willing to do just about anything to make sure I accomplish the goals.
I view me as the kid that is often too loud, slacks here and there, and has aspirations but is not sure how to accomplish them.

The truth is, me without a filter is all of these characteristics rolled into one small eighteen year old girl.
Seeing me without a filter is like seeing me as small as humanly possible. I wear a thick skin, but when I get in private the skin fades away and I become a scared, yet very passionate teenager.
I will fight and plan and do whatever it takes to get what I need.
I lay on my bed and occasionally pray to whatever higher power there may be, that my friends and my family is in good health.
Myself without a filter is a sight to see. I am passionate to the point where it makes my face raw from tears. Emotion drives me more so than any other characteristic. In the moment, if I do not stop myself, my actions will be based off of the current emotion whether it be anger, happiness, sadness or pure instinct. Emotions define me, and that is the filter I try to mask although they are who and what make me who I truly am.

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