no darkness in the purest light

Boiling anger
Dark as night
So thick u have no sight
In truth 

It takes all the  light
Rage controlling u like a cage
Looking up u see chain
U try to pull
Nothing happens
All u feel is pain
U try again, more pain
U wonder wants supposed to happen
U give up
U start to sulk
U try again u c a flicker, u feel more pain
U start to have hope
U tug again another flicker
Every tug u feel less and less
Ur anger starts to flicker
U tug one last time almost existed, in so much pain
U start to swain,
After that one last tug
U feel no more pain
U no longer have any rage
U feel renewed
There’s no more darkness
U see light
U have new sight
U feel comet
U thick u no longer have to compete
U realize
There no darkness in the purest light

This poem is about: 
My family
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