No Daddy's Little Girl


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I am no daddy's little girl
for mommy is only inside my world.
But daddy why did you have to make mommy cry?
where were you when I needed the monsters to go away at night?
It's always "I love you sweetie" or "I'll always care"
But in reality you will never be there.
You claim you'll always be around, but what should I believe?
Daddy its my heart that you're breaking, why is the truth something you cannot see?
I wish you would have stayed around to heal the pain inside my heart,
Lies after lies, one bottle after another, excuses tore us further apart.
No longer will I wait around for you to save the day,
I thank God for my strong loving mom who has always made a way.
I am no daddy's little girl, for mommy only lives inside my world.

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