No Cause Today 

I had no Cause to be awake  
It seems to me some passing's 
Strings . 
My Best time was when I was  
A sleep thinking of you another  
Time with me , 
But that is all gone when I open 
My eyes and you were not with me, 
When love rides away , 
Your heart cannot see better day's 
Like yesterday's in a lovers song.  
This Morning I had to look around  
To see what I would do to get past you, 
Oh I didn't want to I needed you in my  
Life that is where you belong is right back 
In my arms . 
You already have my heart from the very start. 
When I think of him , 
I just want to call out his name ans scream and 
Just maybe he would hear me . 
He called the others day and said he was on his way 
When I heard his voice my heart had so much joy  
Sweet Morning when I oversleep , 
I looked at Sunrise and what did I see ? 
My lover looking back at me . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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