No Care?

She was lost

In New York City

And had nowhere to go.

There was people everywhere

Going up and down the unending sidewalk

Like little black ants in the dirt.

People pushed

And people stole

Her only belongings

Hanging on her shoulder.

She reached with a desperate hand and shouted

But her purse was gone,

And people just kept walking on.

They didn’t care

They just ignored her

Even in the huge crowd of bustling people, she was alone.

They would’ve said

They’re busy or they can’t help

But that wasn’t the only problem.

They couldn’t stop

Not for just second

To point her in the right direction,

To let her call someone on their phone,

To be her friend when she

Needed it most.

But why it happened

So quick and easy

No one wants to admit.

Everyday and every chance missed

To help someone,

To be nice,

Is a chance missed to

Change the world.

But instead,

The world keeps turning,

Turning into a selfish mess.

She sat down,

Calm as could be,

Closed her eyes,

And remembered a verse.

A verse from her mother,

A famous poet,

Who always reminded her

Love comes first.

Poetry taught her

In the midst of turmoil,

When hope seems lost,

That love never fails

And selfishness will never win.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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