no big deal?


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your heartbeat racing and you palms still sweating
but its no big deal they say.
and you wake up guilty and you feel so dirty
but its no big deal anyway.
when your belly's swelling with his child, he don't want it
is it no big deal again?
and you cant keep it, but you feel it kicking, struggling to live.
but its no big deal, not yet.
you lie on the table and they tear it from you- and you never imagined such pain;
but its no big deal, its early they tell you.
when your heart is racing from the nightmare that happened
it was no big deal. OK?
and hes gone, will not see you, he had his fun with you
but its no big deal, you say.
your heartbeat racing from the pills your taking, and your body never made such sweat.
but its no big deal, you'll forget.
protection broken, a new heart is beating, and here you are again.
but its no big deal, not yet.
you cant afford it, don't know how you'll do it, but this time you let her stay.
But its no big deal, its his.
he is gone so fast your cant remember his face, to your friends, you are disgrace
born is his spitting likeness
but she is your big deal, you see.
you protect her, when she hears its no big deal,from society.


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