No Better

The chains of my brothers are evident to me

They rattle and clang and shimmy

I've learned about the way my people have treated you

I'm sorry.

It's not my fault you were treated this way.

In fact, it's not even you.

Can't we both acknowledge this was a mistake?

We can't change the past, don't try to make up for it.

Why do you have to call me a cracker?

Why am I suddenly trash to you?

Why do you assume I hate you so much, and decide to hate me first?

You say you're afraid to sound like me.

To act like me.

It's racism for an altercation to go down where the races are coincidental,

But not when you beat me up for having no color?

The only racists I've ever met have been you.

Please don't assume.

Or else you're no better than what my ancestors did to you.


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