No Air

Why is it that when I’m with you I have no air?

Oxygen leaving my body, hitting the pavement


Where was the man I used to love?

Your eyes fiery with desire.

But for me or another?

I dreamt of the day I was in that big white gown

Making fairytales in my head, this went round and round

Bruises on my soul from a sad place

I tell myself it’s okay, he will change.

Two months later I start to cry

They tell me i’m gonna die

You're nowhere to be seen.

Blood rushes down my split face.

You used to be the man of my dreams

But that was just a scheme, you left me.

Why is it that when i’m without you I have no air?


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is for the scholarship. It is about todays society and what we believe love is. Love hurts.

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