I am afraid to close my eyes

Hearing the emptiness when I awake

Feeling any heart pounding against my ribs

lungs constricting to leave me breathless.

My head is spinning

as I choke down a shriek

afraid of something I can never remember.

Every two hours I glare at the clock

waiting for sleep to came back

but peace doesn't return

leaving me with nothing but panic.

Anxious mind overpowering the music

the one meant to drawn art the mind

and keep me from drowning in my tears.

I won't awaken anyone

despite what they say

for I will be nothing more then in annoyance

without any answers to this inquiries

all meant to help.

So now here I sit at 2:47 am

writing about what l can not explain

thinking how much ease a blade or nail  can bring.

I have prayed with no avail

So I will ask for forgiveness for my sin

And do my best to not allow anxiety to win.

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