Wake me 
From this nightmare.
I been in this nightmare 
Since all those months.
I spent with hunger, 
Death and fear 
As my companions.
The smell of cordite 
Is in my nostrils.
The sound of thunder 
Reminds us 
Of artillery firing.
Back firing of cars 
And firecrackers 
Remind us 
Of rifle fire.
Rain, lighting and thunder 
Went on and on for days.
Rats, leeches and snakes,
Were our companions 
In this living hell.
Known to some 
As Vietnam.
It was ungodly hot,
And humid as well.
Cries of pain 
And no sound 
From the dead.
Ring in our ears.
We lived 
From day to day.
To plan for the future. 
Was madness.
In the next moment.
You might step 
On a mine.
And all those plans 
Were for nothing.
When will it end?
On our death bed?
So please Mother,
Wake me 
From this nightmare.
Your son.
~ Ricardo
This poem is about: 
My country


MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

In this poem you can see some of my service in Vietnam.

And some of my reactions on a car backfiring.

Because it happen more than one time.

It was my body reacting like I did in May of 1965 in Vietnam.

After the loud sound by my left ear.Igot down and started returning.

Rounds by my M-14.

War is not romantic, in fact it's really boring.

With a few times or more of fear.

But you learn how to cope.

In a world of madness

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