Nightmare of life


Waking up every morning to the same tune

Thinking about leaving this place from morn till noon

Stumbling out of bed thinking of who to impress 
Forgetting that I'll never be good enough no matter how I dress
Throw on a sweatshirt and some vans,
Walking towards the bus alone to the blare of my favorite bands 
"Great minds think alone" says wiz
Well here's a quiz
Why be alone when you aren't even great
All you take from people is more and more hate 
Trying to to be great starts to lose it's point,
Just walk back home and roll another joint
Throw on the headphones and get lost in the tunes,
Not having to resurface for many moons
You start to come back down, 
And you get hungry
Not just for food, but hungry for people to accept you
To not be cast out and spat at
Well fuck this fuck that 
Maybe this nightmare will be over soon


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