Nightmare Fuel

She bought me a necklace because “It reminds me of you”

Now she post of picture of it on Snapchat calling it “nightmare fuel”

Nightmare fuel? Nightmare fuel?

I guess it’s crazy what a couple years can do


Making out as a way to past time

Isn’t necessary what you do right?

Unless it’s with someone else

At the Cloud Gate

On a saturday night


The beatdowns came rushing back to me

And your breakup was just as fast it seems

It didn’t matter how it was stitched up

You'd find a way

To tear it at the seams


The new pairing was a perfect duel

Of attention getters and breaking news

And their connection made a spark

And lit up the inferno

From the nightmare fuel


Nightmare Fuel? Nightmare Fuel?!

Well who burned the house down, me or you?!


Who was the one that told me “I love you”

But decided to break it off for another dude

Not me, I was the one

By the bathtub

Playing the part of the fool


You never tell your friends about that

But I guess you can’t give out too many facts

Because there’s invisible marks

Cuts and bumps

Where you stabbed me in the back


Because i’ll admit I was whipped too

But now i see the voodoo that you do

But this isn’t Jonestown

Mr. Ryan I’m sorry but

I’m not drinking the nightmare fuel


Nightmare Fuel?! Nightmare Fuel?!

If you’re living a nightmare then what the hell do you call what I go through


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