A Nightmare Crafted from Silence

Sun, 04/15/2018 - 21:56 -- ebrooke

i don’t know how to describe it,

the burning in my throat

the tingle on my lips.


It’s something sinister,

searching for something to kill.


It spent It’s time

demolishing, torturing, replacing

what It could.


It’s something stealthy,

sneaking alongside hidden intentions.


It started as a way for fun

then, It evolved:

a nightmare crafted from silence.


i had only wanted the buzzing,

not the numbing.


so It began,

the trickling out of an auburn bottle

the foul taste on my tongue.


but when the world stopped turning,

my past time held my head.


now It killed everything

from shot glasses to whole cases,

a nightmare was crafted from silence.


i wished for poison to cleanse my pain,

and poison It did.


now fancy glasses are strewn about

and fragments of sentences fall out of my mouth;

a nightmare crafted from silence.


i will never be the same

now that It has numbed my pain.


my nightmare crafted from silence.

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