The Nightmare

Sun, 04/14/2013 - 17:07 -- alex10


United States
41° 35' 38.1084" N, 86° 42' 5.0004" W

The look in her eyes as her heart shattered, almost unbearable to see. Tears slowly trickled down her ghostly white cheeks, as if her whole life was stripped away in seconds. It was heartbreaking, almost as if I had stabbed a knife into myself, slowly slithering towards my heart. To take it back was all I wanted. I couldn’t stand it! I felt the slow sobs of despair come. What had I done! If only it wasn't real, but it was. Now reliving my decision every night is my punishment. Death would be my relief but I didn't deserve that, I deserved to remember the pain every day. That's the nightmare I live and deserve.


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