It's one AM, and here I am. Nearly crying myself asleep again. But life goes on, and the tears will dry. But inside my heart, it feels necessary to cry. The darkness of night scares me. Nothing's inside of it, I'm just scared of what could be. they tell me I'm safe, and that I needn't be afraid. But they don't understand the fear that lives inside of me, every day.

I fear my own thoughts. And I fear my own dreams.

i fear all the silence. But I mostly fear my screams.

the night surrounds me. Nearly envelopes my soul.

who knew that summer nights, could feel so cold?

my heart pumps faster every time the fan causes slight motion. 

I'm alone in the dark, but still have these crazy notions. 

Someone could be here. Someone unseen. 

Someone could hurt me. And that someone is me.

i don't understand, nor do I feel safe. The darkness surrounds me, until the brightness of day. 

Even when the moon has left, and the sun has arrived, I still feel a hinderance over my mind.

i promise I'm not crazy, but I can't say I'm sane.

it wouldn't seem so bad, if you simply understood my pain.

someday I'll get better, and I won't need nightlights to help. 

Somenight I'll be able to sleep, without crying to myself.

they say I'll get better, because life does go on. 

But a time frame would be nice. Id prefer to know by the brink of dawn. 

I ask for sleep tomorrow. And I beg for peace of mind.

but I promise you I'm not crazy. I'm simply one of a kind. 


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