Night too Late

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 22:03 -- Driesus

- I have a Secret to tell all of you  
- I almost lost my first born child
- we were young and we got wild
- smiles on our faces but bile in our throats
- thank God for what the doctor had wrote
- I'm unsure if I would have ever spoke again
- sticking a gun to what would be my only friend
- sucking away all we could have been
- Lord. I almost committed an unforgivable sin
- though shall not kill. though show not end a life
- But what if the life interferes with my wife
- I become inspired to pick up this sharpened knife
- lines running down my arm our my tattoos
- very few can even relate to what I have been through
- gone through hell and back but I push through
- gotta a life to do

-i don't see a point, we all bleed the same red
- you've never heard the awful things I've said
- Just kill him. Just do it. I'll get over it
- but here I sit pen to the yellow notepad
- tears rushing down dampen the paper
- I saw an angel. oh I needed to see her
- take me away. take me away. I can't bare this
- this love. this hate. I blame my fate
- my angel came just a night too late


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