Night Terrors

Startled awake and unable to move, in my bed Im paralyzed
Its happening again but I cant wake up, again my fears realized

Deprived and exhausted but at least shes gone, the night hag I always see
The daylight protects me but after the sun sets, again her prisoner Ill be

Its happening again but this time is different, this figure of death by my bed
Able to move, but screaming and sprinting, tears of fear I now shed

Psychosis induced and therapy is stigmatized, believe me others do not
They hide in the shadows and wait for my sleep, like prey my fear is sought

A well rested body and mind, to obtain this I always fail
I want to be normal but what can you do, when Sleep is your personal "Hell"?...



I Am Jack's Divine Comedy,
I really like the vivid imagery in your poem.
Very relative.




Thanks for the feedback! I honestly just posted this here for fun and figured it would get buried and unseen. Thank you for the kind words.

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