Night Owl

She is broken 

with plenty of people

who she knows would love

to help fix her

but she doesn't ask 

them for help

because she doesn't want

to bother them

with her burdens when they have plenty of their own

to bore them 

when they realize shes just normal and everyone thinks the same things

to annoy them

talking about things that bother or upset her

and think she a selfish person whos overdramatic

so because of this

she keeps quiet

not like a mouse

but like an owl

with many ways to defend herself

but waiting for night

when she can hide under the covers

of the dark

and come alive in the soft glow of the moon

where a new world lets her

stretch her stiff tired wings

and soar while the tears fall far down below

where she believes 

that if she can fly fast enough

she can escape the loneliness

chasing after her

and break free from its overwhelming chains

that once she free

she can finally find


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