The night my heart was broken

The night my heart was broken

Was just like any other night.

Empty beer cans all over the house,

Snoring coming from the leaving room

And a heart aching in the kitchen.

I knew it all along, I guess I kept it from myself

The moment she uttered those words I desperately wanted to hear

The ocean crashed against the rocks so wildly I could hear them scream,

The breeze hugged me tightly but I swore a tear wouldn’t fall.                          

I’ve had invisible wounds that leave a rough surface

The life I want is all in my head

The only adventures I’ll have are on paper

First love, first kiss, first anything

Because my heart is never getting repaired.

So this is a letter to you,

The one who made me feel like a princess

Yet managed to treat me like a servent.

But I still love you. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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