The Night I Slept At His House


I got under the covers 

You laying to my right

I don’t know if it’s fate or chance 

But I swear my heart was pounding so loud I thought you could hear it

I turned to you and rest my head on your warm shoulder

“are you okay?”

I say.

You respond asking me why I’m so worried about you.

I wanted to say it’s because I love you 

Don’t you know that I’ve always loved you? 

I answer with a soft shrug

And the answer suffices 

You fall into a deep sleep

Did you know that you snore?

It’s the most beautiful noise I have ever heard

More beautiful than my favorite song 

“Good night” I whisper softly.

“I love you”

But your snores where too loud

You couldn’t hear me

And you never will 



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